Many Hands Make Light Work!

Every year, volunteers help to get ALL 140 Banyan kids ready for school with the School’s Cool Program.  Providing kids with the educational tools (back packs, school supplies, and uniforms) help to send a clear message that education is important! A delivery group from St. Bart’s Parish:



Banyan Youth Volunteer!

Many Banyan High School Youth clock in over 100 hours volunteering at Banyan.  Giving back is what we are best at!

Join the Board Committees!

Find out how to put your business skills to work at a nonprofit.  Look into joining a Banyan Board committee.   A one or two year commitment will qualify you to serve on our full board.

Volunteer Opportunities at Banyan:

Banyan nurtures indigenous leadership development.  Because of our commitment to build leaders inside our community, our volunteer opportunities complement what we need to access from outside of our community leader’s skill sets.   Volunteer positions vary.  Some are one time, others are ongoing.  Ongoing opportunities will require an application, interview, and background check.  Here are some of the ways that you can support us:

High School Tutor (One Year):

During the school year, Banyan has over 25 high school students that attend the ASPIRE! tutoring program for support with their school work. Because our students attend a high achieving school, we need highly skilled tutors that can work 1:1 with students to help explain calculus, physics, biology, chemistry, and AP classes.  Time commitment is one night a week (Monday or Wednesday) from 7:00- 8:30pm.

Kids Club Volunteer (5 mo):

From January to May Banyan needs committed volunteers that will come every Thursday night from 6:00-8:00pm to build relationships and support the work of Kids Club.  This is our Christian Discipleship program for kids grades Kindergarten to Eighth grade.

Banyan Board Committees (One Year):

Committees at Banyan are a great way to put your business skills to work.  It also gives you a good idea of how Banyan runs.  Committees support the work of the Board.  Board positions are filled through committee members. Committee assignments vary, and tend to be one year commitment.  Committees are made up of Board members and non-board members that are engaged around a specific task/goal.  Current committees are:

  • Executive Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Higher Ground Scholarship Committee
  • Facilities Committee
  • Program Committee

Work Place Tours (one time):

Our middle school students spend a lot of time learning about careers, it is even better when they can see them in action!  We need friendly businesses that will allow our youth to tour your business to learn what you do and how you do it!  Our group is about 20-25 young people and leaders.  We have vans to come to you!


Our high school and college youth need connections to the market place.  Providing an internship for this purpose is great!  Help our older youth explore what they might want to major in  for college and beyond!

Other Ideas?

We would welcome other ideas that you might have, a particular skill that could support the work of Banyan.  Just give us a call/email for us to learn more. If you are interested in volunteering with Banyan Community, email Program Director Sam Olson. With your contact information, how you found out about Banyan, the skills you wish to share, and your area of interest.  Thank you!

Bob-OrangeBuilding the Dream

I tutor for the ASPIRE high school program, primarily in math and science. But the real objective is preparing kids for college. Tutoring at Banyan is highly interactive. We don’t give kids answers if they don’t need it. Across the board, they are respectful and grateful. And their motivation level is high. They want to learn. I went in expecting more stereotypical “ghetto” behavior. But these kids are sharp. You don’t get into ASPIRE without having academic potential.

I’m an engineer by profession. A couple times I’ve taken Banyan kids to my workplace. Many kids in Phillips don’t see opportunities the way suburban kids do. If you don’t know what the possibilities are, you won’t dream a bigger dream for yourself. That’s my story, too. It didn’t occur to me to go to college or get a professional degree until a guidance counselor told me it was possible. Banyan exposes kids to new possibilities, and helps them navigate a path forward.

I’ve never seen another organization with such a holistic approach. Banyan addresses root problems that hold people back, and is equally committed to strengthening families and neighbors. That’s real community development. It’s incredibly motivating to participate in this.

Bob Orange, Volunteer